2020-2021  Life Wide Learning-Say NO to Plastic

Life Wide Learning-Say NO to Plastic

Reading across the curriculum – Flipped learning – Enquiry based learning


“Attention! Plastic waste is everywhere! It’s affected the marine animals and the food chain! It’s time to take action or it will be too late! Start small start now! Let’s work together and solve the problem of plastic pollution!”

In January, we conducted a meaningful whole school project to save the earth which is about plastic pollution. Students were given a specific learning mission during the Life-wide learning week. There were different topics on each day. The topics were (1) Ocean plastic; (2) We are what we eat; (3) Solution and the future and (4) Start small start now. After learning the impact of the plastic pollution, students fulfilled their mission by executing 5Rs in their daily life. Check out their productions below:

5R journals

5R posters

5R stories

5R inventions

5R Videos


(1)   5R journals




(2)   5R posters




(3)   5R stories



(4)   5R inventions



(5)   5R Videos

P1 Recycling

P2 我的 5R 走塑生活

P3 回收的一天

P4 膠樽再用《透視模擬馬桶進水》

 P5 紙包盒回收大法


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